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Elaine LaingElaine Laing
22:12 14 Nov 22
I am delighted with the excellent gutter and window cleaning I receive from the Spruce team. They deliver a very professional and friendly service. I am hooked now and get my windows cleaned inside and out every 6 weeks!

Our Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services include:

  • Professional Exterior Cleaning
  • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Professional Gutter Cleaning
  • Conservatory Valeting
  • uPVC Fascia & Soffit Cleaning
  • Driveway, Patio & Deck Cleaning
  • Roof Scraping
  • Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Restoration Cleaning

Hot Water Cleaning Specialists
Professional Exterior Cleaning

Professional Exterior Cleaning

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new service – exterior hot water power washing – designed to help our domestic and commercial customers achieve a truly spotless finish for their property exteriors.

Using state-of-the-art hot water pressure washing equipment, our experienced technicians can blast away dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from a range of surfaces, including brickwork, paving, decking, and more. Our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions are tough on dirt, but gentle on your property, ensuring that your exterior looks its best without any risk of damage.

With our exterior hot water power washing service, you can rest assured that your property will receive the highest quality clean, leaving it looking as good as new. Whether you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal, prepare your property for a special event, or simply maintain its appearance, Spruce has you covered.

Contact us today to schedule your exterior hot water power washing service, and experience the transformative power of a truly professional clean.

Hot Water Window Cleaning

We use Professional Reach & Wash Water-fed Pole System to ensure a spotless finish every time.

We are proud to be the only Irish company to gain membership of the International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA), the leading international professional standards body.

Our high reach window cleaning system allows access to normally inaccessible areas and avoids the use of ladders. We use our own purified water for cleaning windows and when this water evaporates your windows are left streak free and crystal clear. We provide cleaning of windows, frames, reveals and lower sills. Learn more about our pure-water window cleaning in our FAQ’s

Interior Window Cleaning

Interior window cleaning is completed with an Eco-friendly traditional ‘squeegee’ system and solution.

We pride ourselves in respecting the inside of your home. We can even take our shoes off if you’d prefer. With both an internal and external window clean, you can enjoy the views from your window once again.

Gutter Cleaning

Our industrial standard gutter vacuum and camera inspection system means that we can easily tackle even the most awkward gutter problems without the need for ladders.

We can provide you with before and after visual inspection reports for total peace of mind.

Moss, leaves and any other obstructions build up in your gutters as well as in other places on your roof such as along valleys. Our service clears this problem and includes checking all downpipes for blockages and removing it if necessary.

We aim to provide a quick and cost-effective service to clear your gutters and ensure they function as they should.

We provide Gutter Cleaning to Residential, Commercial Units and Apartment Complexes. Fascia, Soffit and Gutter can also be washed down making them look like new.

For smart muscle, we use the skyVac® ULTIMATE Gutter Vacuum. A hard-core system, uniquely engineered for fast and effective gutter cleaning. This is an in-gutter suction that makes it a safe, high reach and clever waste disposal system that gets the whole job done without the need for ladders.

Roof Cleaning / Scraping

Roof tiles vary widely in shape and type, so we can assess your roof to determine the most appropriate and effective way of cleaning it.

In many cases our low pressure cleaning system can achieve dramatic results, or in more delicate situations a scraping method can be a better approach to remove the build-up of moss from the tiles. In either case, this service also includes a soft wash biocide application. This treatment kills any remaining organic growth that may be left behind after the cleaning process and even prevents it returning for up to 2 years.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Harnessing the power of heated and purified water to boost the efficiency and performance of your renewable energy system. Just like any other equipment, solar panels require regular maintenance to ensure they operate at their maximum potential.

Solar panels are susceptible to grime and dirt accumulate. However, with our advanced cleaning techniques, you can say goodbye to dirty panels on your renewable energy production.

Clean solar panels offers numerous advantages. Firstly, cleaner panels result in increased energy production. Additionally, by keeping your solar panels clean, you extend their lifespan. Over time, dirt and grime can cause damage to the protective coatings on the
surface of the panels. Our professional cleaning service helps safeguard your investment, ensuring that your panels remain in excellent condition and operate effectively for years to come.

Graffiti Removal

Here at Spruce Cleaning we are fully equipped for the removal of graffiti throughout Dublin.

Our response vehicle is stocked with the latest steam cleaning technology and fully stocked with a complete range of graffiti removal solutions. This dedicated setup ensures that we are ready to respond & quickly remove graffiti from your property, anywhere in Dublin – at any time of day!
We are always happy to accommodate your requirements regarding times that any graffiti removal works should take place and understand the need to adhere to your requirements on hours of work. We therefore operate a 24/7 graffiti removal service.

Restoration Cleaning

Removing dirt and staining that has deposited on brickwork is difficult but at Spruce we can clean the brickwork without damaging the brick itself, or pointing (the bits between bricks).

After suitable preparation (sheeting windows, etc) we apply specially formulated brick cleaners to the surface, and this is thoroughly worked in and rinsed off. The end result will be to reveal the original colour and texture of the brickface.

Window Cleaning

from €35

Gutter Cleaning

from €65

About us

Spruce Cleaning Services is a family run business.

We are a family run business based in Rathfarnham and have built up a loyal customer base around the South Dublin Area as result of our friendly and quality service. We are a proud Irish business that focuses on professional window cleaning and exterior cleaning service using pure water system.


We prioritise the safety of our customers and team at all times. We reduce the risk of injury or accidents around your home by reducing the need for ladders, ensuring trip hazards are avoided and following best practice Health and Safety guidelines. We attend annual SafePass accreditation training and are even trained in first aid , first responder training. We will regularly leave our caution cones in your garden to alert passers-by that cleaning is in progress.

Read our Health & Safety statement

We are fully insured.

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning

We use professional cleaning brushes to clean both window and frames in order to loosen dirt and then we rinse the area with purified de-ionised water. Because the water is pure, it leaves no residue marks when it dries, unlike say, using household water which could.

For the nerds… the science of Pure Window Water Cleaning

Water (H2O) in its purest form has zero Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Purified water is a great natural cleaning agent for many domestic and industrial applications. Pure water naturally wants to bond with minerals, dirt, and organic material, this is part of the natural cycle that our planet produces. So, our water passes through carbon, sediment and then through Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter, then on to De-ionising (DI) resin resulting in it being purified to zero impurities per million particles.

Our purified water is powered through a hose to a water fed pole delivery system. It travels through the pole, and on to a brush. The window is cleaned is by agitating the dirt on the glass. The water acts as the lubricant to break the bond between the dirt and the glass, once the glass is clean, a rinse is given so that all contaminants are washed away.

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